What happens if I delete a file or a folder in my Cloud storage?

FileChat is a window into your Cloud environment. 
If you change or delete something in your Cloud then FileChat will mirror that. So if you delete files or folders corresponding to a FileChat, these will no longer be accessible to anyone through FileChat. 

What is pretty cool is that even if you delete a file or folder from your Cloud, FileChat still keeps a hold of the chat you had there. 

In short, you never lose any conversations you had through any FileChat, even if the file itself is no more. Nifty eh!

The FileChat creator is king here so you have complete control over every file and folder you chat via. No changes can be made by any of your guests so there’s no risk in sharing files.

In any case, our team are on hand to answer any questions so feel free to drop the FileChat team a line if you have any questions.

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